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animation background from "The Awesomes" - bento box entertainment ©2013

Welcome to the online portfolio of David DiMatteo. I’m an animation background designer and digital artist currently living and working in Atlanta, GA. Throughout my career I've worked on animated series and pilots for Cartoon Network, Adult Swim, Comedy Central, Hulu, and Fox.

Please visit the animation backgrounds section to see work from "The Awesomes," "Harvey Birdman, Attorney At Law," "Ugly Americans," "Toonface," "Avery Matthews: Porch Cow," and "Spang Ho!"

I'm currently available to take on fulltime or freelance work to help bring your next animated property to life! I can be reached by email at mail@daviddimatteo.com or by phone at 401-323-9429. I hope you enjoy your visit and I look forward to hearing from you!